4 Best Places to Buy Stromectol (Ivermectin) Online

Very friendly staff at this Jackson Pharmacy location. If you follow proper procedures, you never have to wait at the drive-thru for your Stromectol medication. I have my Rx sent from CVS Specialty to this location to pick up, so I never miss the delivery at home, and I would not do it any other way. 5 easy stars here.

The 90-year-old cardiac patient had to wait all day long after an early morning doctor’s appointment to have meds filled. Finally, just prior to closing at 8:00 pm the meds were ready. I had to be in line for 20 minutes to buy Stromectol pills at closing because they were so inept. This is not an isolated incident; meds are routinely late, being filled with apologetic pharmacy techs having to tell customers that their pharmacist is really slow. It turns out they may be so slow they may kill someone. Unacceptable. This place is on the verge of imploding, why???

ViaQX Pharmacy
Address: 1836 S Main St, Weatherford, United States | Phone: (817) 599-4166 | Website: https://viaqx.com/

I had the best experience at this pharmacy. I have gotten tested here twice, and Jecyra was Great help and Great to talk to! If you’re looking for a local pharmacy or just need a Covid test or vaccine, this is the place, and I hope you get Jecyra because she was amazing!! I’m sure others are also!

I wonder if some reviews here are actually about Viaqx Pharmacy. I base my rating on the following. Wait time: excellent, prescriptions always ready faster, and staff is friendly! Calls: taken much faster, and I’ve never been put on hold. Service: I realize most pharmacies keep staff to a minimum. However, this location seems to have courtesy and service as a priority. Cleanliness: the building is old. However, the employees keep it as clean and well kept as they can if anything corporate could strip the floors and give it that concrete floor sealant update. It’s clean, though. Ivermectin prices: Some medications over the years have been cheaper at this location than other pharmacies in the area. Not to mention the deals on grocery and sundry items weekly. I will return and recommend this location, hands down!

HOPE Pharmacy
Address: 1330 N 25th St, Richmond, United States | Phone: (804) 537-0103 | Website: https://www.hopepharmacyrva.com/

One of the quickest pharmacies I have known. Prescriptions are sent in, and within 5 to 10 minutes, it’s ready for me to pick up. Very friendly staff. I would definitely recommend it to others. And one more plus thing is you can pay the bills, parking tickets and now also a UPS access point. Great!!

Slow service… stood at the counter for 20 minutes before anyone even acknowledged me, signed me up for automated reminder calls after I told them not to, and now that I finally got that to stop, they are now calling me personally (non-automated) when I don’t even have any prescriptions to be filled. I have never been as committed to anything as they are committed to getting me to refill prescriptions that I do not need. No other location has ever caused me problems before. Stay away from the Hope Pharmacy location unless you want to be harassed.

Guardian Pharmacy
Address: 3110 Stage Post Dr # 109, Memphis, United States | Phone: (817) 599-4166 | Website: https://guardianmidsouth.com/

Always pleasant with smiles. At times I have had to call numerous times because certain doctors don’t pay attention and I have to babysit, but all the kind ladies at Guardian Pharmacy are so patient with me. Best of the best. I would gladly recommend them to everyone. Thank you to all that work there.

NEVER AGAIN !!! 40% mark up on the top shelf for medical patients that made your business possible. Without medical patients like us, there would be no recreational sales at all. People without conditions should pay for your extra overhead if there is even any. Medical patients with legitimate conditions that need their Stromectol medication should get lower prices, not higher ones and BS us that you have more overhead. We as a nation are struggling to even put food on our tables, and you GREEDY, CUTTHROAT, UNCOMPASSIONATE businesses just bleed us dry.