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Now Hiring

Tripoli Pizza/Bakery of Seabrook is preparing for the 2022 Summer season. Tripoli is looking for positive team members who can provide professional and friendly service to its customers.

Employees need to be prepared to:
– work in both pizza and pastry departments in Seabrook
– work throughout August
– have reliable transportation to/from workplace

Anyone interested contact:
Marie at 603-247-3118 or Mathew (978-682-7754)

See what past employees are saying about Tripoli:

Name:  Mallory Hillard

How long did you or have you worked at Tripoli? I worked through high school and until I graduated college. Approx.  7 years (Fall 2003 to Summer 2011).


What you enjoy about working there? There are so many things I enjoyed about working at Tripoli. Perhaps the most enjoyable/important was the sense of family, comradery, and teamwork. My interactions with management, co-workers and customers taught me a great deal about hard work, navigating life experiences, resourcefulness, problem solving and the importance of mutual respect, kindness, and professionalism.

Favorite Tripoli food? Pizza


What school you attended during your Tripoli employment? Grad year? I began working at Tripoli while I was attending high school at Central Catholic (graduated 2005) and continued to work there until I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2011.

What is something you took from your experience at Tripoli? Skills/lessons/application to your present position.  Why would you recommend working at a business like Tripoli bakery? Some of my most important life lessons and skills were cultivated during my time working at Tripoli. I learned the importance of teamwork, attention to detail, collaboration, accountability and problem solving as well as adaptability, self-reflection, and awareness. Additionally, with the support and guidance of the management/ownership, I became proficient in time management, balancing my work schedule with education, extracurricular activities, and personal responsibilities.

Over the course of my employment, I was given the opportunity to grow further through customer service support, management of store front activities and staff as well as serving as the closing manager, ensuring timely breakdown, restocking, cleaning and preparation for morning operations and service. These responsibilities allowed me to develop my leadership and delegation skills, effective communication, and resourcefulness.

My experience at Tripoli brought me to where I am today and continues to serve me well, more than a decade later. The unique skill sets developed through working there serve as a foundation for success and are directly translatable to various education and career paths. Working for a business like Tripoli is beneficial for a number of reasons but most importantly, if you embrace the opportunities offered and work hard, you will acquire essential life skills and the foundational knowledge to succeed in real world situations and advance in educational and career endeavors.

What stage in your career are you presently? Next step or goal? Graduated with my master’s degree in nursing in 2018 and currently work as a nurse practitioner.

Eventually I plan on getting my PhD.


Company, years, title/position? Currently working as a Clinical Research Nurse Practitioner atMassachusetts General Hospital.

I have worked at MGH for 10 years. I joined MGH as a research coordinator in 2011, transitioned to a registered nurse in 2017 and then nurse practitioner in 2019.